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One Page Checkout And One Step Checkout Will Reduce Checkout Abandoment and Help Your Business Get Larger!

Make the checkout simple

One Page Checkout simplifies the checkout process of your OpenCart store.

Checkout is often the most complicated part of placing an order online, and many customers end up abandoning their orders. Some customers will be motivated enough to purchase regardless of how difficult it is – but others will be lost due to checkout complexity. One Page Checkout greatly simplifies OpenCart step by step process, leading to an immediate increase in sales.

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opencart one page checkout screenshot

The checkout process is extremely critical for your business, don’t compromise!

OpenCart One Page Checkout Professional Admin Panel

OpenCart Live Demo

Visit our online demo and see for yourself how simple our one page checkout routine is. Click the image on the left for a better view of how the interface looks, and what parts can be configured.

Click the button below to go to our online demo. Just add a product to your cart, then from the Shopping Cart page select “Checkout”.

Admin panel username and password: demo/demo
*In order to provide you a much faster test, we have remove some fields in the backend. Admin setting do not allow change, for every tester good.

OpenCart One Page Checkout Professional Demo

What they say

Finally we meet this perfect checkout solution for our website. The developer was so kind to do some customize work for me to improve the paypal payment module, now our website looks PROFESSIONAL and super EASY for customer.

Believe me, using one page checkout solution and this would be the best choice you ever make.

PS.Check our website buyhotcase.com.

– Maggie

I usually do not comment or review, however I really would like to share my appreciation for this extension. I am rather ‘green’ when it comes to php and computers in general, however installing this extension and making it work took me 5 minutes! And it works very good indeed! I changed the language to Dutch which was as easy as they said it would be.

It really makes a very big difference for your customer, so I highly recommend it!

– Star1312

We used the One Page Checkout on our opencart store and are very sattisfied with the result. At first we had some problems because of a ‘Shoppica Theme’ which was conflicting with the OPC module. Because of the great support from both parties the One Page Checkout was fixed very fast and professionally. Especially the technical service was very important to us because the shoppica theme we used, the structure is different from default opencart. Because of the easy navigation of the OPC we expect it to pay itself back in no time, which in to our website is the only reason you need to buy this great checkout solution.

– Matt

Every webshop loses a significant amount of sales due to potential customers abandoning their (well filled) shopping cart. Usually due to lengthy and “labour intensive” checkout procedures. For www.payvandmedical.co.uk, One Page Checkout largely solves this problem by reducing the amount of required steps and info needed to order and pay for an item to an absolute minimum. True to it’s name, One Page Checkout lets customers finish their order easily and quickly by filling out a few fields conveniently displayed on one, simple check out page. payvandmedical.co.uk was already the best online store in the UK, but it just got even better thanks to One Page Checkout.

– Ben

There is no doubt that One Page Checkout is the truly must have extension for your OpenCart. It may look a little high priced – but does it really matter when you have earned your money back in a month? One Page Checkout improves your conversion rate and your sales. It’s not a question whether it does or not – the question is how much. The support delivered from One Page Checkout is outstanding; fast-email replies, and they listen to your ideas about how the product can become even better. A very satisfied customer here – 5 thumbs up.

– Leigh

We’ve been using the One Page Checkout for www.osher.com.br for a couple of months, and it has been working perfect since day one. More completed checkouts means more sales! We always recommend the One Page Checkout for our customers to maximize their sales.

– Henrique

When we switched to OpenCart 2 months ago we were thrilled with all the functionality, but the payment process was always a bit complicated for our customers. After being introduced to One Page Checkout we knew that we had found the solution to this problem. We are already seeing positive results and I am convinced that One Page Checkout will pay itself off several times in the long run.

– Steve