FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ve gathered the most common questions about One Page/Step Checkout. If you have any questions that you can’t find an answer to, please send your questions to yuyamu#hotmail.com


What is the purpose of the One Page/Step Checkout?

The purpose of the One Page/Step Checkout is to simplify the checkout process for online stores running on the OpenCart platform. By simplifying the process, more customers will complete the purchase and your revenues will increase.

Can i see a live demo of the One Page/Step Checkout?

Of course you can! We’ve installed four separate OpenCart installations for this purpose. It is available on the following url: One Page/Step Checkout Demo

How much does One Page/Step Checkout cost?

We offer two editions of One Page/Step Checkout, Standard Edition ($80) and Professional Edition ($150).

The general idea behind offering two separate editions, is that the Professional Edition is for the OpenCart stores that have a larger demand for support from the One Page/Step Checkout team.

The feature set is currently identical for both versions, so our Standard edition is NOT a stripped down version of the module, but rather a version for those who can take care of installation themselves, and doesn’t have any need for support.

Can I use One Page/Step Checkout on multiple domains?

Of course you can! Both Version can be used on unlimited domains.

What is OpenCart Commerce?

OpenCart Commerce is a free shopping cart system. OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution.

How to install One Page/Step Checkout on a LIVE store?

We are aware that many of our customers have live stores with online users constantly, and the installation of One Page/Step Checkout can be done without affecting the live store, so you will NOT lose any sales,will NOT take any risk at all!

The installation is performed without your any changes happening on your store. The checkout will be available on a separate URL before enable from admin setting, and will NOT be available for the public on your store, so you are free to customize and make your changes to the checkout and make sure it is 100% the way you want it – before putting it live for your customers.

That means that you will have zero minutes downtime when installing One Page/Step Checkout.

Payment and Shipping

What payment does One Page/Step Checkout support?

One Page Checkout is designed to support all OpenCart payment method, which means, if the payment method works no problem in OpenCart default Checkout, then is will NOT be a problem working with One Page Checkout.

However,for One Step Checkout, payment methods like Authorize.net, Paypal Payment Pro, Bank Transfer that required extra fileds to fill or extra information to show will NOT supported.

What shipping does One Page/Step Checkout support?

One Page/Step Checkout are designed to support all OpenCart shipping method, which means, if the shipping method works no problem in OpenCart default Checkout, then is will NOT be a problem working with One Page/Step Checkout.

Can I use a custom/3rd party payment/shipping module?

It depends.

One Page Checkout uses the same internal functions and methods to place and execute an order. So if you have a custom payment method that you are using in your store, it will work just as well with One Page Checkout as with the regular OpenCart checkout.

Depending on the quality of the custom payment method, there is always the chance that a custom payment method doesn’t work 100% immediately. Then it is the One Page Checkout development team’s responsibility to make it work as soon as possible, and we have not had a single payment method yet that we were unable to get working with One Page Checkout.

For One Step checkout, payment methods like Authorize.net, Paypal Payment Pro, Bank Transfer that required extra fileds to fill or extra information to show will NOT supported.

Checkout Features

What features are supported?

To support everyones needs we have a lot of features supported in the checkout. See the below for more details, but in general some are the highlights:

– Checkout on a single page
– Easy installation – upload files and enable form admin setting!
Disable unwanted fields like fax, company, telephone, region, city, zip and more (professional version).
Set a default shipping and payment method (professional version).
– Auto-update prices and totals when choosing shipping/payment method.
– Auto-update available shipping rates when user chooses country, zip code or region.
– Auto-update available payment methods when user chooses shipping method.
Extra insurance fee and payment fee order total module (professional version).
– Use on unlimited domains.
“How did you hear about us” to obtain referrer information (professional version).
– Allow users to register while placing the order.
– Auto-generate account for new customers (perfect for stores with virtual products).
Ajax Shopping Cart (professional version).
Customize to support third party compatible OpenCart template and module extension (professional version).

For a complete explanation of all the features in One Page/Step Checkout, please refer to this url Checkout Solution.

Does One Page/Step Checkout support registration?

Yes! One Page/Step Checkout fully supports the registration features in OpenCart.

Can I disable unecessary fields like fax and company name?

Yes, you can remove all fields except email filed from the backend administration(Professional Version Only). There are 4 fields need to be taken attention:
– City
– Postcode
– Country
– States
These four fileds might be connected to shipping or payment module, if so, these 4 fields can not removed.


I had insatlled and enabled onecheckout, why still not working?

Please try this way:

modify the index.php file in the root.
// SEO URL's

// OneCheckOut
$controller->addPreAction(new Action('onecheckout/checkout/ini'));

How do you install the One Page/Step Checkout?

The One Page/Step Checkout are packaged as a regular OpenCart extension, and is delivered as a ZIP archive.

1, Unzip the archive and upload them to web server, there will be no OpenCart core files replaced, NO risk at all.
2, Install from backend admin panel, located in Extensions – Modules – onecheckout ——- install and enable.
3, Done, you are ready to use One Page/Step Checkout.
4, More information for installation, please see the installation guide in the download.

Can our technicians/programmers customize the checkout?

Yes, all the involved code and template files are freely available for your technical department to make your required changes and customizations. This can include everything from making simple visual changes to drastically changing the way the checkout works.

If needed, you can also contact us to make customizations for you. Of cause, you will be charge for extra payment depends on the customized work.

What languages are supported?

Default language is English. However, it is very easy to make One Page/Checkout support other languages.

Just rename the english folder to your language, and then modify the files inside the english folder to your language.

What OpenCart versions are supported?

We have thoroughly tested One Page/Step Checkout succesfully with OpenCart 1.4.9.x and 1.5.x version.

Is the source code encoded/encrypted in any way?

No, the source code for One Page/Step Checkout is not encoded/encrypted in any way, which means you can read the source, make customizations to it and do whatever you want.

We think encoders like Ioncube and Zend Guard are cumbersome for our customers and want them to have the possibility to change One Page/Step Checkout if they want to.